Lego-Style Mosaic
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Relieves stress
Develops focus
Improves fine motor skills

How it works

1. Upload
2. Edit
3. Order
4. Enjoy

Spend time with your loved ones creating something special.

Something that will remind you of your wonderful moments.

Rich color palette
(72 colors)


Flexible photo editor

  • independent adjustments of contrast, brightness, sharpness and saturation
  • the option to save an interim version
  • if your time is limited, contact us and our designer will help you choose and edit a photo

What can be placed?

  • Favorite photo of yourself or your loved ones
  • Shot from a movie or poster
  • Celebrity portrait
  • Famous Painting
Anything that evokes positive feelings in you.

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Athens, Greece
Darya review
I wanted to add something special to my room so I ordered a mosaic portrait using my favorite photo. It was delivered promptly and turned out so good that my friends are going to order ones too lol. The customer service was very helpful, the quality of the bricks is great, and it was much fun to assemble it. I put it on my desk, and it really cheers me up whenever I look at it. Thank you for this little gem!
San Diego, USA
Cynthia review
I discovered the art of Lego Mosaics this year and totally love it !!!!! An avid Bob Marley fan , I found this Brix Pix Mosaic of Bob Marley and obviously purchased it. The mosaic arrived on time, instructions were very clear and Eugen is very helpful with any questions you might have..I loved ensembling the 1st Mosaic so much that I ordered another one of Frida Kahlo, which I'm currently working on. With these difficult times were having, it's definitely one way to keep busy...Thanx
New York, USA
Kate review
Great lego mosaic! Exactly what I wanted for my Frida Kahlo collection! Well packaged and the details are amazing. I’m very pleased with my order. Would definitely buy again!